Mom, Is My Bedroom Still Available? Life After College

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All week in our series Pomp in these Circumstances, we've been looking at life after graduation. Many young adults will be going out into the real world, trying to get jobs and to live on their own. But in this economy, many graduating students will be moving back in with their parents. How much financial help should you give your children? Here to advise us is Beth Kobliner, is a personal finance expert and author of The New York Times best-seller Get a Financial Life.
"People at this age are so concerned right now. And you think about it: They're graduating with, on average, $22,000 in student loans, $4,100 in credit card debt, and it's the worst job market in 25 years. Their pomp is being tempered by lousy circumstances."
—Personal finance expert Beth Kobliner on the challenges for college graduates