Newark Shooting is Catalyst for Change in NJ

The brutal murder of three promising Newark college students earlier this month continues to be a major catalyst for change in New Jersey. Governor Jon Corzine was joined by Newark Mayor Cory Booker to announce several initiatives to reduce gun violence and bolster the community's faith in Essex County's beleaguered justice system. WNYC's Bob Hennelly this update.

According to State Police statistics the clearance rate for homicides in Essex County has hovered below or at 4O percent. That means the majority of murders are not solved. Meanwhile the clearance rate in suburban counties is much higher and the state average is 6O percent.

Governor Corzine committed to send additional prosecutors to Essex County and create a special gun crime court to expedite those prosecutions. In addition all guns recovered in by police in New Jersey will be traced through the Federal firearm database to help law enforcement identify the source of guns used to commit crimes. In Newark for WNYC I am Bob Hennelly.