NJ Assemblyman Hackett Steps Down

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New Jersey Assemblyman Mims Hackett says he'll give up his legislative post immediately.

That's according to a report in the Newark Star-Ledger. The Essex County Democrat hasn't commented on whether he also plans to step down as mayor of Orange. Hackett's resignation comes one day after he was arrested in a federal corruption sting Friday.

Governor Corzine joined other top state Democrats in calling for Hackett's resignation, along with that of Passaic County Assemblyman Alfred Steele. They were arrested Friday for allegedly agreeing to take thousands of dollars in bribes from phony companies set up by federal authorities. The probe culminated in this week's arrest of 11 public officials, all but one of them Democrats.

Under state election law, Steele would have to step down by September 17th for his local county committee to meet the deadline to designate a replacement candidate for the November ballot.

Hackett has asked officials to remove his name from that ballot.