Law Suspension Aids Pedicab Drivers

The city's roughly 600 pedicab drivers can still pedal their fares around town. The city has decided to suspend the implementation of new regulations that drivers insisted would cripple their business. WNYC's Jenna Flanagan has more.

The new regulations, which were set to go into effect today, would have capped the number of pedicabs at 325 and restricted where they could go and when. But yesterday’s suspension came on the heels of a lawsuit filed by the Pedicab Owners' Association.

The suit alleges the Department of Consumer Affairs unfairly distributed licenses to applicants. The group says preference was supposed to be given to applicants who owned already owned pedicabs. A spokesperson for the law department says Consumer Affairs was following the rules and the law suit is without merit. The suspension will hold until a New York County Supreme Court Justice can have full hearing. For WNYC, I'm Jenna Flanagan.