Two Spitzer Aides Get Subpoenas in Trooper Probe

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Two top aides of Governor Spitzer have been subpoenad by the State Senate Investigations Committee, as part of the ongoing probe into the alleged misuse of state police by those aides. Karen Dewitt reports from Albany.

DEWITT: Senate investigation's chair George Winner says the committee issued the subpoenas because in two previous investigations not all of the relevant documents were examined. Attorney General Andrew Cuomo did not have the power to compel testimony and the Albany County District Attorney David Soares chose not to, Winner says.

WINNER: No one has any comprehensive access to all of the documents and records, emails, and the like that have been involved.

DEWITT: Winner says the subpoenas cover all emails and other documents from two top Spitzer aides -- Darren Dopp and Richard Baum -- related to the recreation of state records on the travels of the Senate Majority Leader.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.