New Stadium Christened in Newark

The Newark's Prudential Center "rocked" last night. Bon Jovi opened the arena for thousands of concert goers and possibly a new era for New Jersey's largest city. WNYC's Jenna Flanagan has more.

REPORTER: : A steady stream of people made the 3 block trek from Newark's Penn Station to the Mulberry Street entrance. Shari, who flew all the way from England to see Bon Jovi says she's seen the band all over the world but knew this show would be special.

SHARI: I wanted to be at the first show and I'm gonna be at the last 2 as well. It is a cool moment in history I think... You know the new Newark Prudential Center.

REPORTER: The city even rolled out the a red carpet where a few celebrities like Tiki Barber and Soprano's cast members made their way in.

The evening was practically flawless, except for a van fire in the Prudential parking lot, that was quickly put out. Bon Jovi will play 9 more dates and the New Jersey Devils will play their first game in their new home this Saturday. For WNYC, I'm Jenna Flanagan.