Transit Union Has to Promise Never to Strike Again

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The MTA is willing to let the transit union collect dues from its members again unless it threatens another strike. The union lost its right to automatically take dues from members' paychecks after the illegal citywide transit strike in 2005.

REPORTER: MTA Spokesman Jeremy Soffin says his agency is trying to strike a compromise.

SOFFIN: We do need the union and can't afford to cripple them at this point and that we have worked productively, but at the same time there needs to be continuing recognition that the pain of the strike has not worn off.

REPORTER: However, Mayor Bloomberg is urging a judge to keep the strike penalty in place until the union's leaders promise never to engage in another strike.

On his weekly radio show today on WABC, Bloomberg said he's trying to protect the working people of the city. Meanwhile, the union claims it has met the judge's requirement by recognizing state law prohibits public employees from striking. A judge will hear arguments next week.