Council Members Plan Hearings for 'Dangerous' Fashion

T-shirts with phrases like 'Deal or Die,' 'Stop Snitchin' and 'Respect the Shooter' may soon become a lot harder to find in the city. Council members Peter Vallone and Leroy Comrie say the clothing glamorizes gang activity. Councilman Comrie is planning a hearing to raise public awareness of the problem.

COMRIE: We're not gonna ban it, but we wanna put a finger on it. Highlight the fact that these companies are selling this apparel and this apparel should not be sold as just general market merchandise. It should be sold like they do with records, with some type of label.

REPORTER: Comrie says he plans to single out a hat company, New Era Caps. It recently had a nation wide recall when it was revealed some of their baseball caps depicted symbols similar to those used by Bloods, Crips and Latin Kings.

A spokesman for New Era Caps says it has been aggressively trying to remove the question able apparel from retailer’s shelves.

Hearings are scheduled for December 13th.