Hearings for New Jersey Station

New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg will be among those calling for WWOR-TV to lose its broadcast licenses at a hearing in Newark this afternoon. The Federal Communications Commission is reviewing Channel 9's license. Advocacy groups say the station isn't providing North Jersey with suitable coverage. WNYC's Jenna Flanagan has more.

REPORTER: Voice for New Jersey filed a petition with the FCC asking them to force WOR to comply with its licensing obligation. The Secaucus-based station was awarded its FCC license 20-years ago, with the condition that it would serve the public interest as New Jersey's only broadcast television station. Ingrid Reed, with the Eagleton Institute, has studied WOR's newscasts. She says they consistently ignore the majority of the state.

REED: Most of the coverage was of Newark, most of it was of crime. There was no coverage to speak of, of other large populations centers such as Elizabeth or Edison or Paterson.

REPORTER: The FCC license of the Rupert Murdoch-owned station is up February 1st. For WNYC, I'm Jenna Flanagan.