Debate Over 7 Extension Continues

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For months now, the Bloomberg administration and the MTA have fought over who will pay the $450 million needed to build the shell for a subway station on the 7 train extension.

REPORTER: The 7 is being extended from Times Square to the Javits center. The station that may or may not get built is at 10th Avenue and 41st Street.

At a state Assembly hearing yesterday, Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff said the city had recently offered a compromise.

DOCTOROFF: The city is prepared to pay half of that money, and we think in the context of the MTA's capital plan, coming up with the additional $225 million is a reasonable thing that we, as Lee has said, are in the process of discussing.

REPORTER: MTA chief Lee Sander said he needed to wait until Albany acted on the agency's capital budget before committing funds from his side.