Investigation Begins Into Tankleff Case

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Marty Tankleff says he's grateful and relieved that the Suffolk County District Attorney will not re-try him for the 1988 murders of his parents, but he suggests the issue is far from over. WNYC's Amy Eddings reports.

Tankleff was behind bars for more than 17 years for the murders, but was freed a week and a half ago after a state appellate court ordered a re-trial, citing new evidence that implicated others.

Tankleff, who's holding a news conference later, says the people who took his life away should go through the hell he went through. And there may be repercussions someday.

Already, a state commission is looking into the case and Suffolk DA Thomas Spota has asked Governor Spitzer to appoint a special prosecutor.

Spota, whose office originally suggested he'd re-try Tankleff, now says the case would not succeed. And he also may find himself the subject of any inquiry. As a private attorney, Spota represented the lead detective in the Tankleff murders when the detective was investigated and found to have lied in another murder case. For WNYC, I'm Amy Eddings.