City Schools Receive Awards Cash

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REPORTER: PS 46 in Queens will get an extra $14,000 from the Department of Education.

It's one of 134 city schools to receive part of the $3.4 million allocated to schools that made significant improvements in education.

PS 46 principal Marsha Goldberg says she plans to use the money for new educational tools.

GOLDBERG: We look for materials - books, always books, anything instructional, computers, AV equipment, whatever can be used to enrich our children's education.

Fourth-grader Sebastian Douglas says he welcomes any new materials that will make learning more exciting.

DOUGLAS: Some of us here at school are bored out of our minds sometimes, we just want to go to recess and play.

REPORTER: The total $3.4 million amount was allocated by Schools Chancellor Joel Klein to schools that received an A on recent report cards.