Giulaini Spends Caucuses in Florida, New Hampshire

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New Hampshire Public Radio's Josh Rogers reports.

After speaking to workers at the Segway headquarters in Bedford, Rudy Giuliani defended his campaign’s decision to focus on Florida and the many states that vote on February 5th.

He says the compressed election schedule requires a non-traditional approach and that he’s not concerned that polls here show him losing support, even among voters who say fighting terrorism is their top priority.

GIULIANI: None of this worries me – these are all tactics - September 11th there were times I was worried. The way I approach politics, you don’t worry, you deal with it.

Giuliani also stressed his foreign policy credentials, noting that he had visited 34 countries on business trips since leaving the New York mayor’s office.

He also claimed that as New York mayor he was “involved in every foreign policy dispute that exists.” For WNYC, I'm Josh Rogers in Concord, New Hampshire.