State Submits Timetable to Replace Voting Machines

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The New York Board of Elections has given a federal judge a timetable under which it plans to replace all of the state's lever-action voting machines by September of 2009.

By this year's primary election in September, there will be at least one machine accessible to the handicapped at each polling place in the state, under the plan filed in U.S. District Court in Albany Friday afternoon. The upgrades are required by the federal Help America Vote Act enacted after the disputed 2000 presidential election.

The Department of Justice sued New York in 2006 because it was the only state that still hadn't complied. US District Court Judge Gary Sharpe rebuked election officials at a hearing last month and ordered them to produce a timetable. The judge hasn't indicated when he will decide whether to accept the plan, but the elections board expects him to respond within a week.