Spitzer Wants to Rename Triborough for Robert Kennedy

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The bridge that takes people to JFK airport may now be named for the late president’s, late brother

REPORTER: During HIS state of the state address tomorrow, Governor Spitzer will deal with a transportation issue of his own making...he wants to rename the Triborough Bridge after the late US Senator, Robert F. Kennedy. The idea was first proposed in 1969, the year after he was assassinated...and was revived last fall by his son, Robert F. Kennedy Junior.

SPITZER: My father would be humbled and he would be delighted at that choice because it a structure that connects the upstate communities and some of the state’s poorest communities with some of the state’s wealthiest communities.”

REPORTER: The proposal will need legislative approval. No comment from Senate Leader Joe Bruno's office....Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's spokesman called it a wonderful idea.