The Making of a Military Wife

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Military marriages are suffering as Americans in uniform continue to fight two ongoing wars. In 2007 more than 13,000 marriages failed among active duty soldiers and marines. In her latest memoir, I Love a Man in Uniform, author Lily Burana gives these statistics a human voice. Although her marriage has survived the military stress test, she and her husband were in no way immune to the trials and tribulations that came with living on a military base, living through a deployment, and the awkward emotional fumbling that accompanied her husband’s return from combat in Iraq. Burana’s acclimation to the military world was exacerbated by her and her husband’s cultural differences. Burana, a former stripper and punk with a penchant for writing alternative prose fell for a straight-laced military man. She joins us for a look into the military world and what it means to be a modern-day military wife.