City Fights to Make Home Heating Systems More Efficient

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New Yorkers who want to cut carbon emissions and heating bills, have been prevented from doing so by lax federal standards on home furnaces and boilers.

REPORTER: So say the city and state, who are suing the US Department of Energy for failing to adopt higher energy standards. Tim Ballo is with the public interest law firm Earthjustice, which is joining the suit - he says the Department of Energy recently decided against adopting the standards that would've saved customers the most money while also reducing carbon emissions.

BELLO: They left over a hundred million tons of CO2 on the table, and that was a CO2 reduction that would've saved consumers money. Instead consumers get to pay more money and will have more CO2 emissions. Everybody loses, unless you're the oil and gas industry.

REPORTER: No comment yet from the Department of Energy. Connecticut and Massachusetts are also joining the lawsuit.