Lawmakers Still Unsure of Congestion Plan

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REPORTER: Cautious hesitation seemed to be the theme for elected leaders at yesterday's public hearing on congestion pricing.

Some lawmakers haven't yet made up their minds because they're still unsure of how the proposals will impact their constituents.

Assemblyman Jonathan Bing, from the Upper East Side, says he needs to know what will happen to the already overcrowded Lexington Avenue subway and why some proposals would eliminate the parking tax exemption for residents of Manhattan.

BING: Nothing that I and my colleagues in government from the East Side has raised today is new. We have been asking these questions for months and until we get these answers it is unlikely that any of us will vote for any type of plan.

REPORTER: The Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission, which held the hearing, is considering 5 proposals.

These include 2 that would charge drivers $8 to enter central Manhattan. Six more hearings will be held next week.