Spitzer Looks to Javits for Extra Funds

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REPORTER: One way Governor Spitzer wants to raise money for next year's budget is to sell off land on the north and south sides of the Javits Convention Center.

The state had purchased that land to expand the center, on Manhattan's west side. But it has scaled back that plan dramatically.

Kathy Wylde, the president and CEO of the pro-business group, Partnership for New York City, says relying on convention centers to help the economy is an old-fashioned idea.

WYLDE: New York in particular has seen that it has a burgeoning tourism business. Its hotels are more than full without having even a Class A convention center.

REPORTER: But frequent users of the Javits Center are disappointed that it won't get the full expansion promised long ago.

Spitzer wants to use the proceeds from the land sale, which may be as much as $900 million, for affordable housing and Hudson River Park.