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Friday News Roundup

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President Trump accuses Barack Obama of wiretapping him, Republican lawmakers present a long-awaited health care bill and the CIA turns to the FBI for help finding the source of the latest WikiLeaks. Also, China tries to come up with a deal to pull North Korea back from the brink, America's spying secrets get spilled online and our former man in Beijing looks like he's ready to be our new man in Moscow. Two panels of journalists join Joshua Johnson for analysis of the week's top news stories. Discussing domestic news is David Rennie, Washington bureau chief and Lexington columnist for The Economist, Juana Summers, editor for CNN Politics and Josh Kraushaar, political editor of National Journal. Discussing international news is James Kitfield, senior fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress, Nancy Youssef, national security correspondent for BuzzFeed and David Sanger, national security correspondent for The New York Times.