Congestion Pricing Vote Expected Today

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Nine months ago, Mayor Bloomberg proposed a congestion pricing system that would charge drivers to enter central Manhattan on weekdays.

This afternoon, the state’s Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission will likely endorse some variation of that plan. Then, the City Council takes up the issue, followed by the state legislature, where opposition is strong.

Over the past week, WNYC’s Matthew Schuerman has been talking to New Yorkers in Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. He found that one of Bloomberg's main arguments isn't getting through.

OUTRO: The New Yorkers we just heard from are Gisell Rodriguez, Kevin Bunker, Patrick O‘Hara, Ben Shestakofsky, Sally Attia, Tina-Marie Johnson, Marcin Kaushar, Guy Martin Angeles, Neil Afran, Mohamed Ali, Arlene Simmons and an attorney from Staten Island named Frank.