Congestion Pricing Plan Approved, Critics Remain

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REPORTER: Mayor Bloomberg's plan to charge drivers to enter certain parts of Manhattan now goes to the City Council and possibly, the state legislature for approval.

Yesterday, a slightly altered version of the proposal got the overwhelming support of a state commission.

Westchester Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, a Democrat, was 1 of 2 panelists who voted no.

BRODSKY: I'm offended by a society that decides to parcel out goods based on ability to pay. It's wrong.

REPORTER: Governor Spitzer says he'll try to win over lawmakers opposed to the plan by funding mass transit projects in the suburbs and outer boroughs.

SPITZER: To the regions of the city and suburban ring that are saying "what do we get from congestion pricing?"

The answer is that you're going to get a much improved transportation system.

It's not merely that you're being asked to pay to enter the downtown region of New York City. What you're getting in return is a much more developed, much much more efficient transportation system.

REPORTER: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver's support is key if the plan goes to the legislature. He wants New Jersey drivers to pay more of the eight dollar fee.

The commission's final recommendations allow for the deduction of East River bridge and tunnel tolls.