Macworld opens without Steve Jobs

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If you know anything about Macintosh computers, you know that the annual Macworld trade show that kicks off today in San Francisco is one of the biggest events for the Apple community. But in December, Apple stunned its followers when it announced that Apple CEO Steve Jobs would not giving his traditional keynote speech. Not only that, Apple announced that after 2009, they will no longer be part of the expo. Questions abound: Why is Apple going AWOL? And is Jobs sick, again? WIRED magazine journalist Steven Levy joins The Takeaway from Macworld to discuss.

Steve Jobs' 2008 keynote address in 60 seconds

Producer's notes:

Soon after this segment aired, Apple CEO Steve Jobs released a letter he wrote to the "Apple Community" in response to rumors that his health was failing. According to the note, a hormone imbalance has been "robbing" his body of critical proteins. The condition is treatable, Jobs writes, and he says he expects to regain much of the weight he lost throughout 2008. You can read Jobs' letter in its entirety, via The New York Times, here.

— Molly Webster