Huge Crackdown on the Gambino Organization

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Law enforcement officials cracked down on the Gambino crime family this morning like they never have before unsealing indictments that charge 62 people with murder, attempted murder, racketeering and illegal gambling.

REPORTER: Prosecutors say that the Gambino organization extorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from the construction industry through a widespread system of kickbacks.

The family allegedly received $13,000 from one contractor for the right to dump fill at the now-defunct NASCAR raceway site in Staten Island while soldiers who had infiltrated labor unions embezzled a $.5 million from pension funds. At a press conference today, FBI Deputy Director, John Pistole, says those types of crimes have an unseen influence on the New York economy.

PISTOLE: Mob influence result in a hidden tax that you've just heard about, that adds to the price that every consumer pays for goods and services obtained in the city.

REPORTER: Most of the individuals were arrested this morning without incident, while investigators are perusing the remaining defendants.

For WNYC, I'm Matthew Schuerman.