City to Add Agency Performance Data to Website

Citizen watchdogs have a new tool at their disposal. The performance data for all city agencies is now online, at, and will be updated monthly.

REPORTER: Jeff Kay is Director of the Mayor's Office of Operations. He says the new system is a step forward, because the data made available will be more specific than what agencies have been providing up to now.

KAY: Do you clean up your potholes within 30 days or less? Well, that's a pretty big catch number, but the real number is: What's the average time it takes to do potholes, which is two and a half days. So there's a very big difference and we're holding the agencies to the actual numbers rather than big catchalls.

REPORTER: The new system is known as CPR, for Citywide Performance Reporting.

Mayor Bloomberg says it will help citizens keep officials' feet to the fire.