MTA Backpedals on New Service

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is going go back on the word given by its chief executive just three weeks ago. Lee Sander told thousands of people during the first ever State of the MTA address that he wanted to go ahead with $30 million worth of extra bus and subway service. But yesterday the agency decided to put them off again because of the Bear Stearns collapse and weak tax receipts from February.

Transit advocate Gene Russianoff said it is OK for the MTA to wait, but that the agency should not have raised expectations.

RUSSIANOFF: Why did they announce three weeks ago that these service enhancements were going ahead what did they know then that’s so dramatically different than now? Maybe they should have held off on the good news.

REPORTER: An MTA spokesman said that these improvements were not scheduled to begin until this summer anyway, and might be re-instituted on schedule if the economy improves.