State Budget Goes Down to the Wire

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Gov. David Paterson and state lawmakers are racing toward the April 1 deadline for the state budget, printing bills and holding nearly round the clock meetings. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

Not all of the details in the new budget have been nailed down or publicly released. But it's expected to increase spending by about 4 1/2 percent; including a record increase for school aid. State Senate Majority leader Joe Bruno addressing a rally of prison guards telling them plans to close down some jails have been scratched also told reporters that the new budget will include a hike in the cigarette tax to help pay for it all.

BRUNO: The cigarette tax is a necessary part of what we have to do, to fund hospital care, nursing home care, home care.

REPORTER: The senate majority leader says there won't be enough money for pay raises for judges or state lawmakers who haven't had a salary increase in almost 10 years.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.