Budget Talks Stall Over Congestion Pricing

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Budget talks stalled as Albany grappled with the issue of congestion pricing. Assembly Democrats were in closed-door talks that could last through the weekend, with any action scheduled for Monday. Karen DeWitt reports from Albany.

REPORTER: Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver says his democratic members that live in the region serviced by the MTA were having thoughtful and passionate discussions on weather mayor Mike Bloomberg's congestion pricing plan is a good idea or not.

SILVER: Something should be done about congestion. Some people are not sure that taxing working men and women is the way to go in this.

REPORTER: Silver says if there are enough votes the measure will come to the assembly on Monday. If not, he says, then the democrats will have spoken. Meanwhile, it remained unclear weather Senate Republicans who back the mayor's plan, had enough votes to pass the bill in the Senate, or weather they would need to call on Senate democrats for help.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.