Nonprofits Feel Congestion Pricing Pinch

Opponents of congestion pricing have rallied around nonprofit organizations with trucks that need to drive into midtown Manhattan on weekdays.

While cars face an $8 a day fee, most trucks would have to pay $21 to enter certain parts of the city.

Karen Pearl, president of God's Love We Deliver, says her organization could wind up spending as much as $82,000 a year more for bringing ready-to-eat meals from a SoHo kitchen to ill people around New York.

PEARL: That's $82,000 new dollars that somehow we need to raise in a time when the economy is very difficult for people, when our food prices are going up 20 percent.

REPORTER: A spokesman for Mayor Michael Bloomberg says the impact would be minimal because faster traffic will speed up their trucks and cut down on overtime.

The City Council approved congestion pricing late Monday, but faces a tough vote in the state legislature next Monday.