Car Crashes into Courthouse Steps Injuring Six

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Six people were hurt when a car lost control, jumped a curb and crashed into the steps of a Manhattan courthouse.

REPORTER: The car also hit a bagel cart before stopping a few steps up the grand staircase at 60 Centre Street. Bagels, bananas, and newspapers are strewn about the sidewalk.

Rutgers law student Ashish Kapor witnessed the accident.

KAPOR: The guy that was in the bagel stand run as it was being pushed forward ran out with his face bleeding and then he jumped out of the way as the car smashed into the stairs.

REPORTER: Emergency workers have freed a man who was underneath the car. He has a severe leg injury. One other injury is serious; the other four are minor.

The dazed driver lay on the sidewalk after being removed from the car, which has a smashed windshield.