Harlem Re-Zoning Wins Approval in Subcommittee

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The hotly-contested proposed re-zoning of Harlem's 125th Street won the approval of a city council subcommittee, after a local councilwoman got the Bloomberg Administration to make big changes.

REPORTER: Councilwoman Inez Dickens says the city has agreed that almost half of the nearly four thousand apartments planned in the re-zoning will be affordable housing, with one-quarter set aside for families earning less than $43,000 a year.

DICKENS: I got an unprecedented amount of income targeted and affordable housing at 46 percent never in any rezoning had that been done.

REPORTER: The re-zoning is expected to pass the full council later this month. Some opposition groups have said the plan is the first step in the dislocation of 125th Street's culture and long-term residents.