Congestion Pricing Not Dead, City Says

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Congestion pricing may not be dead yet.

City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan spoke at a conference sponsored by the non-profit Regional Plan Association, says the proposals defeated two weeks ago was not the last word.

SADIK-KHAN: I really don't think that we should be in the business right now of eulogizing congestion pricing. The way I prefer to think about it, which is sort of what Marc and Tony alluded to, is that perhaps we are in little more of a hibernation mode.

REPORTER: She was speaking with Tony Shorris, the executive director of the Port Authority, and Marc Shaw, a former deputy mayor. Sadik-Khan did not give a timeline as to when the plan might be re-vived, but Shaw said that commission studying how to fund billions of dollars of MTA projects should look into congestion pricing. The MTA has been supportive in the past, but Richard Ravitch, the chairman of that commission, would not comment on what he will do.