Rally Seeks to Jump Start Atlantic Yards Project

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An estimated 3,500 people turned out for a rally in support of the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn. Many of them were union construction workers who took time off nearby jobs. They said they felt the project, which will be union-built, was being threatened by local elected officials who are having second thoughts about a project that has already got all of its approvals. Anthony Williamson represents general construction laborers.

WILLIAMSON: And we're sending a message to people opposed to this, including political leaders who oppose this, that in this hard time, people need to have, you know, people need to put food on the table. People need to give their kids a decent education.

REPORTER: The developer, Forest City Ratner, says the company held the rally in order to celebrate Brooklyn Day, a traditional public school holiday. A spokesman, Loren Riegelhaupt [REE-gull-haut], said five thousand sandwiches, fifteen hundred hot dogs and three thousand t-shirts were given away for free.