Bloomberg Encourages New Yorkers to be Tourists in the City

As gas prices continue to rise and New Yorkers wonder, what can they do that's fun and interesting and new. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has a suggestion: Go local!

He unveiled an ad campaign to encourage New Yorkers to visit all five boroughs, and announced a new Gray Line bus service for tourists who want to explore Staten Island.

He says tourism is a critical piece of the city's economy.

BLOOMBERG: We've got to make sure as times get tougher we spend more on this, not less. And people say how can you spend money on advertising when we have so many domestic problems? We are not going to have the wherewithal to help those in this city who need help unless we have jobs and tourists coming here.

REPORTER: According to federal statistics for the first quarter of 2008, New York remains the country’s top destination for foreign visitors.

The city is expecting 12.5 million visitors between June and August this year.