Queens Garment Factory Cheated Workers Out of Millions

State officials say a New York City garment manufacturer that made clothing for Macy's, the Gap and other retailers cheated more than 100 workers out of a fair wage.

REPORTER: Factory workers allegedly put in 12-hour days, six or seven days a week, but weren't paid overtime or a proper minimum wage by the Jin Shun factory in Queens.

One worker, who did not want to give her name, through a translator said her bosses encouraged deceit.

UN-NAMED WORKER: We were told to lie, that we were making, not by peace work but $7.15 per hour and also we were told to minimize our working hours.

REPORTER: Authorities say employees — many of them Chinese immigrants — were shortchanged by $3 million since 2005.

A woman who answered the telephone Wednesday at a number listed for Jin Shun said, "wrong number" and hung up on our reporter.