China Protest Disrupts Today Show

Holding picket signs and chanting, critics of the Chinese government tried to disrupt broadcast of "The Today Show" this morning.

REPORTER: Jodi Jacobson, director of the American Jewish World Service, said her group wanted to bring attention to the dwindling media coverage of China's relationship to the Sudan.

JACOBSON: Our research has showed is that in fact over the past 2 years coverage of Darfur has declined and in the last year it's declined pretty precipitously. We don't have any proof that there's a link between that and Olympic coverage coming up, but we're concerned about it.

REPORTER: NBC is the official U.S. broadcaster of the Olympics in Beijing next month. Jacobson says China is Sudan’s largest trading partner and should be pressuring leaders there to stop the violence in Darfur. She'd also like to see NBC promise 100 minutes of Darfur coverage before and during the Olympics.

NBC has not yet returned a call for comment.