Spitzer Adminsitration Broke Law with "Travelgate"

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New York's Public Integrity Commission says four members of former governor Eliot Spitzer's administration broke the law when they compiled travel records on former State Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno. Karen DeWitt has more.

REPORTER: Commission spokesman Walter Aires says the probe took a full year to complete because Spitzer's aids stonewalled the investigation.

AIRES: There were a number of times when people in the executive chamber of the Spitzer administration told us they had produced all the documents they had... And we found out that was not true.

REPORTER: Two of the aids have settled but at least one, former communications director Darren Dopp has said he wants a full hearing of his case before an administrative law judge.

The commission has not ruled out charging Spitzer if more evidence comes to light. The former governor resigned March 12th over a scandal involving his use of prostitutes.

In Albany, I'm Karen DeWitt.