Kayaking in New York Harbor

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It’s been a long time since most New Yorkers had a regular boat organization they belonged to. Even just 100 years ago -- people got to where they had to be by boat in the same way we might take a cross-town bus. There were boat houses at the ends of major streets where our 19th century counterparts kept small craft. And, with over 700 miles of waterfront in and around the New York and New Jersey harbors, you just have to take a look at old lithographs to see how packed these waters were. But, imagine no longer. City of Water day has been declared. It's Saturday, July 26 and the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance wants New Yorkers to know they don't have to leave town to go to the water. WNYC's Soterios Johnson jumped in a kayak off the shores of Governors Island.

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