Stringer Calls for Better Building Code Compliance

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Nearly a year after a fire broke out in the former Deutsche Bank building, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer is calling attention to almost 900 buildings in the city that do not follow the city's building code. While he doesn't say that's the reason the fire happened, Stringer thinks it's about time the government entities that own those buildings all agree to abide by the code.

STRINGER: Our goal is by the end of the year to ensure that we bring as many of those 885 buildings under compliance in a real way with the city code through a combination of legislation and real commitment.

REPORTER: Traditionally, buildings owned by the state and federal government and by the United Nations are exempt from local codes and fines. The Port Authority, which will take control of the land where the Deutsche Bank tower stands once it is dismantled, says that bringing its properties under city jurisdiction is unnecessary. A spokeswoman says the facilities the Port Authority owns meet or exceed New York City's building code.