City High School Graduation Rates Up

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg is lauding some new success in high school graduation rates which have reached a new 52.2 percent on average, that number goes up some if you count August graduates, too.

Education advocates, including the teachers union, agreed that the modest increases are promising.

United Federation of Teachers President, Randi Weingarten, credited the work of teachers, parents and principles.

Bloomberg says mayoral control helped promote accountability and higher graduation rates.

BLOOMBERG: And the result is that thousands more students are graduating today then ever before and they're heading off to a higher education or the working world armed with the confidence and the skills they need to compete and succeed.

REPORTER: While the numbers were promising, black and Latino student graduation rates still seriously lag behind rates for whites and Asian students. Also, New York City students rates' fell short of a 71 percent statewide rate.