McCains Campaign in New Jersey

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Despite polls that show Sen. Barack Obama with a healthy lead in New Jersey, both Sen. John McCain and his wife Cindy are in New Jersey campaigning and fund-raising today.

Cindy McCain came to the Broadway Diner at lunch time in Red Bank, Monmouth County. This part of New Jersey was traditionally Republican and now teeters back in forth in state legislative races.

But the dramatic bump in new Democrat registrants in New Jersey generated by the Democratic primary makes a state wide win for McCain a long shot. Earlier today Mrs. McCain attended a private fundraiser at the home of former Port Authority Chair Lew Eisenberg in Rumson. At the diner, she got a range of responses from polite to ecstatic.

But several patrons who had Mrs. McCain join them at their table said after she left that they remained enthusiastic Obama backers mentioning the War in Iraq and the economy as their top concerns.