McCain Campaign Makes a Stop in New Jersey

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It remains to be seen if Senator John McCain can carry New Jersey in the presidential race but based on the results of his fundraiser in Teaneck last night, his stop in New Jersey more than paid for itself.

About 500 people helped raise more than 1.5 million dollars for the McCain Campaign, according to event co-chair Ben Shohak with a pro-Israel advocacy group. The National Organization for Political Action says organizers had to turn away people who wanted to pay to get in. The cheapest seat went for a $1,000 and the best, for $25,000. A posed picture with Senator McCain set donors back $10,000. Despite the steep price tags at last night's event Senator McCain has said he will accept public campaign financing, something his opponent has decided against.

Only a print reporter was allowed in to cover McCain's speech, which focused on world events, including the recent Russian incursion into Georgia. McCain wants to take a harder line with Russia.