Rock Hall of Fame Coming to SoHo

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Billy Joel was in SoHo to present some memorabilia to the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex that will open this fall.

The Annex is an extension of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based in Cleveland, Ohio, and will feature musicians from New York City and some local venues that became part of Rock legend.

Joel recalled the New York spots that gave him his start and grew his fame, from the Gaslight Cafe and The Bitter End to Carnegie Hall and Madison Square Garden.

JOEL: New York gave me my words and my music. Rock 'n' Roll gave me a place for that music to live. I must tell ya, I travel all over the world. The first question I get asked wherever I go is about New York City.

REPORTER: Joel donated a bat presented to him when he played a final concert at Shea Stadium this summer and a framed photograph from Madison Square Garden to celebrate his record 12 sold-out shows.

The Annex will open on Mercer Street this November and guests will be able to view rock relics like Elvis Presley's motorcycle jacket, John Lennon's piano and Bruce Springsteen's 57 Chevy convertible.