City Earthquake Risk Greater Than You Think, Scientists Say

A new study suggests the risk of earthquakes to New York City is substantially greater than previously thought.

A group of Columbia University seismologists says new analysis using modern instruments reveals potentially powerful seismic structures beneath the New York region, like a formerly unidentified intersection of two active seismic zones under the Indian Point nuclear power plant.

Dr. Leonardo Seeber, one of the scientists who worked on the study, says evaluating the risk posed to Indian Point is an engineering issue. But...

SEEBER: Given the importance of that plant and the potential damage that could come to the community if something should go wrong that these new results should be considered.

REPORTER: Seeber says a new hazard assessment map should be made using the results of their study.

Indian Point's owner has applied to keep operating the plants until the 2030's. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says seismic activity does not factor into Indian Point's relicensing process.