Clinton Pushes Unity Message to N.Y. Delegation

Sen. Hillary Clinton received a rousing ovation from New York State Delegation as she told them that the Democratic Party is united and she will make every effort to help her former rival Barack Obama get to the White House.

WNYC's Elaine Rivera reports from Denver:

REPORTER: During her 10-minute speech at a morning breakfast, Clinton told hundreds of delegates that they had a clear and simple purpose: to make sure their party takes over in November.

She said she shares Obama's agenda to establish affordable health care, create good jobs and to ensure conservatives don't dominate the Supreme Court.

Afterwards, Clinton said she would officially release her delegates before the roll call Wednesday night and she personally would vote for Obama. She acknowledged some of her supporters will still cast their votes for her.

Delegates had what Sen. Chuck Schumer called mixed emotions but said overall they would follow her lead.

In Denver, for WNYC, I'm Elaine Rivera.