Paterson Casts Roll Call Vote for Obama

Democrats are getting ready for a pivotal moment tonight at their National Convention -- the roll call of states, where Hillary Clinton's name is to be formally entered into nomination along with Barack Obama's.

Gov. David Paterson, a Clinton supporter, was asked if he would be casting his superdelegate vote for her:

PATERSON: I’m voting for Barack Obama, cause that’s who’s Hillary’s voting for.

REPORTER: Paterson says it's time for Clinton delegates to set aside their disappointments, and unite behind Obama.

PATERSON: I’d be saying the same thing to Barack Obama supporters. He’s the first African-American who’s ever gotten this far, and some of us wonder if anyone ever will again. Should the situation have gone the other way.

REPORTER: State delegations are reportedly voting in their hotels today, and their final tally sheets are to be handed in to convention officials by 6:00 p.m. Eastern time. The process of the roll call, and how Clinton's name would be entered into nomination, have been the subject of lengthy negotiations between Clinton's and Obama's advisers.