Paterson Reflects on Progress of African Americans

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As Democrats prepare to hear the acceptance speech of their historic presidential nominee, Barack Obama, Gov. David Paterson reflected at a meeting with delegates on how far African Americans have come in his lifetime. Karen DeWitt reports.

Holding signs saying "We love our Gov," Gov. David Paterson was given a standing ovation from New York’s delegation.

PATERSON: I can’t read the signs, but I can see when people remove food from my plate.

REPORTER: Turning serious, Paterson who says he did not know if he would ever live to see this day, says he remembers what it was like when his father ran for lieutenant governor of New York nearly 40 years ago.

PATERSON: They told him he was an asset on that ticket. When they got to the general election, they wouldn’t even use his name in the paid television campaign ads. What do you think that did to the people who supported him, what do you think that did to the moral of African-Americans who were asked to support the Democratic Party?

REPORTER: Paterson says while the fight for civil rights in America has not always been positive. It’s at least been progressive.

In Denver, I’m Karen DeWitt.