New Yorkers Unsure About Term Limit Roll Backs

Most City Council members may have told the New York Times they want to roll back term limits, but some New Yorkers we talked to aren't so sure. Regina Pearsall of Staten Island was taking her lunch break at City Hall Park today.

PEARSALL: I like the mayor and I kind of which he would do another term but at the same time I fear that if they do increase term limits we may get stuck with people a little longer than they need to and I think it's time for change.

REPORTER: Several others say they like Michael Bloomberg so much they would favor changing the rules, so he could serve a third time.

The Times found 27 councilmember’s would favor changing the law so that they, and the mayor, could run for a third term next fall.

New York City voters voted twice in referendums in the 1990s for limiting city officials to two terms of four years each.