FAA Puts Newark Flight Auction on Hold

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The Federal Aviation Administration says it will hold off on a planned auction of a take-off and landing slot at Newark Airport.

The FAA says the auctions would reduce air congestion, but the agency agreed to put them on hold until an independent FAA office looks into complaints from airlines and the Port Authority, which operates the region's three major airports.

Port authority spokesman Pasquale DiFulco says the PA remains vehemently opposed to the auctions and committed to fighting them.

DIFULCO: We can't just knock down this issue; we need to knock it out. We continue to press the FAA to make the necessary and needed improvements to the air traffic control system, which will help ease congestion and delays.

REPORTER: Airlines and the Port Authority say the auctions will make flying more expensive and force out smaller planes. They've filed a lawsuit claiming the FAA lacks Congressional authority to impose them.