New York Delegates Worry About Gustav

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New York’s delegation mingled at a low key reception in St. Paul. But like everyone else, they were preoccupied with news of Hurricane Gustav and what it might mean for their political gathering.

New York Delegates like those from the rest of the nation were subdued at the start of what normally would be a celebration, and were closely following news on the hurricane. Congressman Peter King of Long Island says while his thoughts were with the people of Louisiana, he could not help being disappointed over what could be a lost opportunity for the Republican Party and its candidate John McCain.

KING: Every presidential candidate factors in picking up a guaranteed five to 10 points at a convention. After that you struggle for every point. You get that easy five to 10 during a convention. I don't see how we get that now.

REPORTER: Many of New York's top politicians and former elected officials were skipping the event including former Gov. George Pataki and Senate leader Joe Bruno and current Senate leader Dean Skelos. In St. Paul, I'm Karen DeWitt.